Neurosurgeon Salary and Benefits

According to the U.S Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, also called the BLS, Neurosurgeons on average earn around $115.66 per hour and work approximately 40 hours per week. These numbers aren’t precise, as the BLS clumps Neurosurgeon salary with the salaries of orthopedic and vascular surgeons as well, which typically command lower wages. According to specific studies and surveys on Neurosurgeon pay, the “average” Neurosurgeon in the United States of America makes $470,000 a year – with entry level neurosurgeons only making $302,000 a year and more senior Neurosurgeons making $757,000 a year. Like most jobs, pay is based on seniority and expertise. The longer you work as a Neurosurgeon, the higher the salary you can command. Neurosurgeons are easily one of the highest paid health care practitioners – out earning most other surgeons and all general physicians.

neurosurgeon salary

Earnings based on location
Like any other job, Neurosurgeon salaries vary depending on where you work. Neurosurgeons working inside of the United States earn significantly more in salary and benefits than their European and Asian counterparts with those working in the states such as New York and California earning the most. Entry level Neurosurgeons in France for example earn 3,000 Euros a month (Before taxes) which is equivalent to approximately $55,000 a year. Highly specialized health care workers in the United Kingdom earn more than those in France and most other parts of Europe, but they still earn significantly less than those in the United States. Neurosurgeons in the United States earn by far the most income in the profession.

Most people already know that Neurosurgeons and other highly skilled health care professionals pay well, but most people overlook another aspect of their compensation, which is benefits. Aside from their salary, Neurosurgeons enjoy approximately $50,000 worth of benefits ranging from health insurance (to the surgeon and his family) to vacation time. Unlike some professions, surgeons don’t typically have pensions paid entirely by the hospital, but instead they enjoy 401K and 403B retirement plans where the employer matches retirement contributions up until a certain point. Neurosurgeons can expect at least $40,000 worth of benefits on top of their salary which brings the average Neurosurgeon’s total compensation to $520,000 a year in the United States. Benefits include (Social Security, 401K/403B, Disability, Healthcare, Pension and Time off)

Where Neurosurgeons work
According to the American Association of Neurosurgeons, which represents over 7000 Neurosurgeons in the United States, 43% work in private practice, 32% work for colleges and universities, while 2% are employed by the federal government (Mostly at the Department of Veteran Affairs hospitals). Finding a job as a Neurosurgeon is not difficult, as healthcare spending in the United States has been increasing at a steady pace. According to reports from various employment agencies, Neurosurgeons have little trouble finding a job. This also means that Neurosurgeons have extremely high job security as they are always in high demand, which is the main reason why they can command such high salaries.

Neurosurgeon Job Description
Neurosurgeons examine, diagnose, and surgically treat disorders of the brain, spine, nerves and spinal cord. They operate on one of the most delicate parts of the human body – the brain. Doctors who wish to become Neurosurgeons typically require 4-6 years as an established surgeon. They typically report to the chief of surgery at the hospital. Neurosurgeons are also commonly known as Doctors of Neurology and Neurologists.