Best Colleges for Becoming a Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgery is a very prestigious and a highly paid profession. In order to become a licensed neurosurgeon you will have to study for at least fourteen years which includes four years of pre-med, four years of medical school and six years in residency. Many students even cram in a 2-year Master’s degree and follow their residency with a twelve to twenty-four month sub-specialty fellowship.

You do not begin actually studying to become a neurosurgeon until med school. You first must earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate school with pre-med or some type of science as your major. Try to get into the best undergraduate university you can so that you can earn a 4-year pre-med degree. Make sure that you excel in biology, chemistry and physics. Yes these courses are difficult, but being a Neurosurgeon was never supposed to be easy.

best college for neurosurgeon

Considered to be among the best colleges for becoming a neurosurgeon is the University of Cincinnati. This university boasts having one of the most heralded neurosurgery departments in the US. It ranked 25th nationally among all medical schools as far as funding received from the National Institute of Health is concerned.

The University of Virginia is also among the best colleges for becoming a neurosurgeon. It’s Dept. of Neurosurgery is top-rated in the United States. The University of Virginia’s Dept. of Neurosurgery consists of many sub-specialties which covers the full spectrum of neurological disorders.

The University of Pittsburgh is also considered to be one of the best colleges for becoming a neurosurgeon. U.S. News and World Report ranked this school’s Department of Neurology as one of the top neurosurgery programs in the country out of 200 highly esteemed medical centers in the United States.

The University of California, San Francisco or UCSF is also highly regarded as being one of the best colleges for becoming a neurosurgeon. UCSF’s Department of Neurological Surgery has many top doctors and scientists on staff whom are dedicated to treating patients with all types of neurological disorders.

There are scores of other schools to consider applying to as many medical schools in the U.S. are deemed outstanding when it comes to their neurosurgery departments. Consider the University of Michigan Medical Center, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Yale University of Medicine and the Stanford University Medical Center. You should be aware of the fact that all students receive the same education regardless of what medical college they are enrolled in. You will learn the neurosurgery ‘trade’ while doing your residency, which is done after you complete medical school.