Pediatric Neurosurgeon Salary

Even in today’s turbulent economy pediatric neurosurgeons earn a great deal of money. These professionals spend fifteen to sixteen years in training with eight years being spend in college and then med school with another seven or eight years in internships or residencies. And this is all before they begin to earn full salaries of pediatric neurosurgeons, according the the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is common practice for surgeons to increase their skill levels by specializing in an area of surgery which also usually increases their salaries. A pediatric neurosurgeon specializes in operating on children’s nervous systems including the brain. Pediatric neurosurgeons fall under the umbrella of general surgeons which made an average of just over $219,000 annually in the spring of 2009, according to Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program. The OES program produces employment and wage estimates for hundreds of occupations and these estimates are available for the US as a whole, for individual states and for metropolitan areas.

pediatric neurosurgeon salary

A study conducted in early 2009 and which was featured in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics reported that there were less than 200 pediatric neurosurgeons practicing in the US at the time. The study also revealed that the majority of pediatric neurosurgeons were women. These surgeons have few financial motivators than other physicians which is what is believed to be the reason why many people are choosing not to specialize in pediatric neurosurgery.

As with any other medical career, the more education and experience you have, the more money you will make as a pediatric neurosurgeon. Beginning neurosurgery resident salaries range from $40,000 to $50,000 a year. A pediatric neurosurgery resident can expect his or her salary to remain within this range until he/she is hired as a full time pediatric neurosurgeon. A well experienced pediatric neurosurgeon who teaches can earn over $320,000 per year, making pediatric neurosurgeons the highest paid physicians. This isn’t nearly as lucrative as a general Neurosurgeon, but the pay is still incredible compared to the national averge income of ~$46,000.

Salaries for pediatric neurosurgeons reflect the extensive training one needs to become an expert. Requirements for becoming a board certified pediatric neurosurgeon vary but can included competency assessments, written and oral exams, experience working in a full-time practice, continuing education and re-certification at regular intervals.

While the typical pediatric neurosurgeon makes a lot of money, much money is spent on education. Also, the work of a pediatric neurosurgeon is grueling and rather difficult in nature. It takes a special type of very well educated individual to become a successful pediatric neurosurgeon as well as a great deal of commitment and passion for the work. The salary this type of medical professional earns is well-deserving as pediatric neurosurgeons perform delicate and often life-saving surgical procedures.